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About Us

Norway is a country where the roots of industry grows with the roots of nature. Hydropower, fish, aluminum, oil and gas form the core of Norwegian industry and exports. These industries present complex challenges, where theory meets practice. We worked many years in these industries, feeling joy when paper turned to steel and frustration when paper simply remained paper.

That’s why we, Per Christian Myklebost and Baard Havdal, established Northwest in 2014. A place where we could take ideas and drawings, and transform them into machines that actually do the job. This is where our passion lies, turning ideas to reality, where tangible constructions work and create value for industry and society.

Services and Expertise

Northwest creates custom-made machines and steel constructions that transform your ideas from drawing to tangible reality. Our range of services cover every stage, from initial design and engineering through fabrication, installation, and on-site service. In essence, we're your one-stop solution, from drawing to finished machine, we solve it.

Our Projects

Careers at Northwest

Northwest is experiencing strong growth and we are actively seeking skilled employees who share our passion for solving complex engineering challenges and building advanced mechanical structures. Joining our team means embracing both the office environment and the workshop hall, where you should relish in both practical hands-on tasks and theoretical pursuits throughout your varied workday.

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